An Interactive Workshop For Youth on how to Stop Watching Your Life Pass You By And Make Things Happens By Living Consciously.

  • 5 Day Workshop (10 hours)
  • Online
  • Interactive
  • Engaging Practices included
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Do you ever feel like life’s out of your control and you have no idea how you got where you are today in life?

You want to create a life you’ve always wished for but you have no idea how to get there. Because you somehow always end up making decisions without any thought.

Have you ever asked yourself why?

Because you might be living your life on auto-pilot

Because you’re in the backseat of your Rover. It’s time to take the front seat.

It can be really easy to be swayed by the fog in our brains. We often lose ourselves and go where our lives push us. If that sounds like you, living a conscious life can be your solution.

If you’re watching your life pass you by and you want to steer your life in the direction that you wish then this workshop is for you.

About the Host

Your Host, Ms Tavishi Kumar, is the Founder and CEO of ShriShiksha, a youth-led startup company that makes personal development fun for people. Having started her public speaking journey at the age of 14, she has come far to have established herself as a Young and Passionate Entrepreneur, a Published Author of a Self-help, inspirational Book titled ‘A Walk to Wisdom’, and a Trainer who is a seasoned in creating Online Digital Courses on Business and Leadership.

 Widely acclaimed across the educational institutions of Chandigarh as a teenage motivational speaker and tech enthusiast, Tavishi has been recognized and appreciated for her efforts by numerous stalwarts in this field, including Ms Priya Kumar (internationally distinguished author and keynote speaker). She also emerged as a Business Leadership Awardee in the USA , and in 2020, she was accorded the Young Achievers Award by the Indian Achievers Forum for her noteworthy work in nation-building. Being a possessor of many 21st-century skills, with an undying passion for her mission of revolutionizing education, Tavishi is all set to take you on an adventurous quest to your destination.

What You Will Learn?


Creating Crazy Content!

– Well, content that is generated from fresh ideas, and carries the essential tone, and substance while highlighting your message, is undoubtedly going to induce a craze and a craving in your community.


The Hidden Techniques!

– It is not, however, everyone’s cup of tea to create such hard-hitting content and deliver it with ease. So, we are bringing you all the secret ingredients to make this your cup of tea.


Getting candid with your Audience!

– It is of utmost importance for anyone who engages in any sort of public speaking, to identify and rightly interpret the need of her/his audience, and to build a lasting and valuable connection with them.

pitching like a pro

Pitching like a Pro!

– It is hard to pitch your ideas, opinions and knowledge to your boss, your clients, and your people at large. Right? Don’t worry, we have got you all sorted in this course.


Inspiring Others and Yourself!

– You have to inspire yourself to be able to inspire others. In this course, you get to inspire both, and this inspiration doesn’t end with the course.


The Real Journey!

– Once you enroll for the course, you start on your journey, that is, the real journey from ideation to execution; and believe us: this journey is going to be an unforgettable one.

What Do You Get?

Engaging Practices performed LIVE

We will be performing certain self reflecting activities like “eating consciously” together in the LIVE sessions that will be fun and engaging.

Resource Material

Resource Materials in the form of videos, guides and blogs will be provided for extra assistance.

Special Q/A sessions

Anyone who purchases this course and attends all the sessions, can avail the special opportunity to e-meet the mentor (Ms Tavishi) and ask their questions personally to her.

Sub Heading

& Benefits

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Session 1
Session 2
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Session 4
Session 5

Need Help?


You will have 4 recorded sessions and 1 live session (with the Host). The zoom meeting links for the recorded sessions as well as the live ones will be sent. The live session requires your attention, but not your interaction necessarily. So, you may interact virtually at your convenience.

The mode or language of communication will be English.

Yes, you may use your phone. However, we recommend you to join through your Laptop for the best learning experience.

The total charges include Rs. 499 + GST.

You will receive your Confirmation Email as soon as you register for the course on the website.

Although such an event is unlikely to occur, we would suggest you contact our Manager at @9728452217.

In such a case, please don’t worry. If due to certain inevitable reasons, you miss the live session with the Host, you will be given access to the recording.

Anyone who wants to have a diligent personality while maintaining one’s authenticity can and should join.


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Upcoming Batches

14th - 20th March, 2022

Sessions will be held every day throughout the week (except Wednesday & Saturday) at 7:00 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. IST