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What all do we cover in our workshop?


Inspired by Ayurveda, we explain how you can maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

02/ Emotional

We explain what leads to emotional imbalances as we explore the deep science of Vedic literature.

03/ Social

How to deal with social insecurities at work and with your relationships


We answer the fundamental questions of life for you like who am I what is the purpose of my life, etc.

05/ Intellectual

We give you techniques to enhance your intelligence for a balanced and focused life.

About us

We are a health and wellness platform with easy access to self-healing content and practices.



MS. Anushka – “I was always depressed and i had no clue of what to do and where to go, that time being helpless i turned to spirituality.
I felt sheltered and thought to never return back to my old life which never guaranteed me happiness. i really want to give this knowledge to everyone to help them come out of their difficulties.”


An engineer turned spiritualist, Gaurav Prabhuji is the embodiment of kindness whose teachings are so powerful that you start experiencing bliss just after a few sessions.


Tavishi kumar has backed several awards and is highly active as an entrepreneur. <br>  She manages her business while being stress free and happy. She is here to share her secret behind this rare achievement.

Tavishi Kumar

Founder & Executive Director

As founder and CEO of ShriShiksha, holistic health and wellness coach Tavishi Kumar has always known that wellness can only happen from within.

This philosophy was something that came to Tavishi innately. Since childhood, she had a strong inclination towards wellness. At age 15, she began self-educating herself on topics like self-realisation and health. Her source of inspiration came from ancient works of literature across the globe and also modern research on holistic health and wellness.

5 years later, Tavishi knew that she wanted to help guide others dealing with many of todays issues. With this intention in heart, she started ShriShiksha, a platform for wellness for employees and young individuals.

Tavishi noticed that todays fast-paced life hadnt left any room for self-awareness. She tried to discover the answers to the most basic and imperative questions about life like who we are and what’s the purpose of our existence.

Self-discovery is Tavishi’s niche, simply because most don’t know that they are more than the physical body, making life difficult for them at all levels. Candace credits her work as a coach and entrepreneur for the firm conviction that healing happens from the inside out. The issues experienced by people today require a spiritual component and guidance from someone who is soul-centred and has conscious awareness; someone who has the education and knows how to interpret it.  

Having started her public speaking journey at the age of fourteen, she has come far to have established herself as a young and passionate entrepreneur, a published author of a self-help inspirational book titled A Walk to Wisdom, and a trainer who is seasoned in creating online digital courses on the art of wellness and entrepreneurship. She has several online courses for sale, running on international and national platforms like Udemy.

She has touched the lives of over two thousand students in India during the pandemic through her motivational talks and was well-acknowledged. She also organized online events under the banner of ShriShiksha.


She has been awarded several awards including the Indo-American Leadership Award.

Her clarity and knowledge about basic life principles, her intention to help the employees find their true calling, and her development sessions are well received.


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ShriShiksha is revolutionizing the education system.

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