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Shri Shiksha Supreme Education

Who We Are?

ShriShiksha is an E- Learning Company founded by Miss Tavishi Kumar. She along with other trainers, entrepreneurs, and mentors from various fields have contributed to create digital courses and programs which are specially designed for entrepreneurs seeking solutions for their startups.

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Why Entrepreneurship?

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Why Entrepreneurship?

  • There is a clear distinction between conventional businesses and true entrepreneurship.
  • True Entrepreneurship is a result of constructive exploration.

  • And if you are an explorer by heart, entrepreneurship is a blessing for you.

  • It helps you achieve your adventure goals through your venture.

  • So if you are ready to embark the journey to explore the world, we’ll be very happy to be your tour guide!

Our Philosophy​

60% Assistance

30% Training

10% Resources

We are not here to make you go through entrepreneurship, rather we want entrepreneurship to go through you!

Result is what that matters

We don’t stop when we are done, we stop when you are done.

Living Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has to be seen as a full time job, not a part time hobby.

Our Founder

From Compulsions to Freedom,
From Limitations to Expansion,
From Ignoring to Exploring;
ShriShiksha is that journey to your progress.

Tavishi Kumar
CEO and Founder


As a young entrepreneur, Tavishi Kumar, Founder & CEO of ShriShiksha is chasing her dream of helping students to create a self-reliant India through her leadership skills and determined mind-set. She intends to add value to the education system through her endeavours. She is an award winning achiever, and a youth entrepreneurship coach.

Our Community Events

ShriShiksha comprises of an amazing set of young people working together as a diligent team, dedicated to propagate the idea of true entrepreneurship and transform it into a living reality.

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Team With Vision

Our Team


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About the Program

"My experience in the self-employment program by ShriShiksha has given me an altogether different perspective towards my career. It opened the doors to considering entrepreneurship as an actual career option and taught me the practical applications of my ideas."
- Nishtha
(B. Com Student)
"I understood the importance of networking, it's need and right time of sales, and tackled problems of self, about getting started."
- Sanya
(Student of Business and Management, University of London)
"An important thing I have learnt till now in the first week of the program is that research is important before we actually start giving our services in the market."
- Jyoti
(B.A. from MCM DAV College, Chandigarh)

About the mentors

"I really like the way Miss Tavishi guided each of us, that too being from different fields. Her efforts are remarkable."
- Nishtha (B. Com Student)
"Sessions with Tavishi ma'am have greatly helped to know where I am and what to do next. Now I'm very much clear. I really liked the session with Daksh sir too. It was an amazing session. It taught me the importance of LinkedIn and now I'll start building up myself there."
- Gangesh (High School Student)

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