We ensure ever-lasting motivation of your employees

ShriShiksha’s wellness trainers focus on one’s core attributes and initiate ever-lasting wellness from within them.

About us

What all do we cover in our workshop?

Health Awareness

Assessment of the health condition of your employees through one-on-one interaction with a nutritionist and customised  masterclasses on nutrition and mental health.

Behavioural Change

Counselling, seminars and self-help materials on addiction management, stress management, depression, mental health and more.

Supportive Environment

On-site policies like nutrition of food available at the worksite through cafeterias and vending options. Other examples are leisure area, nap section, prayer room, meditation room, etc. 

About us

We are a health and wellness platform with easy access to self-healing content and practices.

Goals We Help You Achieve

Healthier and More Productive Employees

Health Care Savings

Increased Morale

Our team of trainers have provided their services to the following companies.

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